Trish Stratus Discusses Whether She Would Consider Another WWE Return

Trish Stratus last competed in a match at WWE Payback last year where she and Becky Lynch put on a classic inside a steel cage. Stratus lost to "The Man" to wrap up their rivalry, and was then taken out by Zoey Stark to end their partnership as well, but the WWE Hall Of Famer admitted that she's "definitely open" to returning again.


"This is what I said since I've retired, I said I will always consider coming back, a couple of boxes need to be checked," Stratus told "Monopoly Events." "I want to do something different for the fans, I want to offer something different for another superstar that I'm going to work with, elevate them, do something with them." 

While Stratus wants to help other talent develop and make improvements, like she did during her most recent run, she also wants a new challenge for herself, if she ever returns to the ring. 

"As long as I can give 100 percent [I would return]. I don't want to come back and be like, 'Here's my 60 guys, here's 60 percent, let's go,'" Stratus said. "I want to make sure I do it like I did it before, and so I am always open. It usually depends on creative, what they offer ... yeah, I'm definitely open."


In her most recent run, the Hall of Famer got to work with a lot of the younger talent that she hadn't faced before, while also bringing the nostalgia of teaming up with Lita once again.

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