Rhino Reacts To Changes In TNA

It has been a whirlwind year for TNA so far, as the company has undergone a lot of changes both in terms of branding and management, which have been met with mixed views. As someone who competed when the company was originally TNA, Rhino admitted he's "glad they went back to TNA Wrestling," but he was less positive when it comes to the recent decision to fire Scott D'Amore.


"It sucks that there's a change in management, it's unfortunate but sometimes in life as a veteran in wrestling, you have to be a leader in the locker room," he admitted to "Monopoly Events." "It's like, okay let's see how this thing rolls out with new management, and let's put our best foot forward, and let's do what we do and kick ass." D'Amore was let go in February by Anthem Sports, and that was followed by backstage meetings with the roster, who had written a letter to Anthem expressing their frustration about the situation. Rhino works as both a wrestler and producer for the company, and he believes that it is important to give the new management a chance.

"Sometimes people don't like change, but sometimes you have to embrace and then see where it takes you, and then if it's not for you just move on," Rhino said. "Hopefully, for the wrestling business, it continues to move forward because a lot of good wrestling promotions out there are good for the wrestling business."


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