WWE's LA Knight Invokes Kanye West Lyric To Remind Him What Not To Do

Former TNA World Champion and current WWE Slim Jim representative LA Knight believes that, while his popularity is steadily on the rise, there is no forcing fans to like him. Speaking with "Busted Open Radio," Knight said he is desperate to prove himself to any doubters in the WWE Universe, but doesn't want to trip over himself trying to please people.


"When you try hard is when you die hard," Knight said, quoting controversial rapper and producer Kanye West. "Generally in life, you know people in your life that try too hard to get people to like them." Knight believes that trying to get people to like him will only have the opposite effect, having to remind himself to take a breath and remember to be who he is. The former Max Dupri says that he will catch himself doing a line or a delivery that feels less-than-authentic and try to put in extra effort, as he doesn't want the lack of trying to turn into laziness.

"I need to obviously put in effort but I don't want to try hard," Knight explained. Knight won the opportunity to represent Slim Jim on WWE television at SummerSlam last year in a battle royal, which led to multiple Undisputed WWE Universal Championship challenges for him. He faced Roman Reigns for the title at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, and then received another opportunity at this year's Royal Rumble, competing in a Fatal-Four-Way Match that also featured Randy Orton and AJ Styles.