WWE's LA Knight Has Something To Tell The Rock About Wrestling Being 'Cool Again'

Since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to WWE in January, and especially since he turned heel in the wake of Cody Rhodes' Royal Rumble win, the actor and former world champion has been turning in some impressive performances on the microphone. One of the declarations Johnson has made since his return is that he has made professional wrestling cool again. Fellow WWE star LA Knight has taken issue with Johnson's statement, however, as revealed in an interview with "Busted Open Radio."


"I hear him say wresting is cool again, and he's right, but I just want to make sure that everybody knows it started getting cool again ... six or seven months before he got there," Knight said. "I'm not saying he can't add to that cool factor, and I'm not saying that he won't. I'm just saying ... wrestling was cool again before he came back."

Speaking about the effect on WWE's business that The Rock's return may have, Knight acknowledged that Johnson has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Without mentioning anything specific, Knight also tip-toed around the change of plans that took place in WWE, with Johnson reportedly returning with the intent to face Roman Reigns only for the fans to put their support behind Rhodes. According to Knight, fans will inevitably reject a situation such as that.


Knight is currently preparing for his first-ever WWE WrestleMania match – a singles bout against AJ Styles. As of now, it's unclear if the match will take place on the first or second night of the event.

Meanwhile, The Rock will compete in the main event of night one. He's set to team with Reigns in a tag match against Rhodes and Seth Rollins. That match's outcome will then determine the stipulation for Rhodes vs. Reigns the following night.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.