Bill Goldberg Comments On WWE's Asuka Beating His Winning Streak

WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg has criticized WWE for having Asuka break his undefeated streak.

Goldberg, during his recent appearance on Tim Green's "Nothing Left Unsaid" podcast, was asked if WWE directed any hostility towards him before he made the switch to WWE from WCW. He believes that WWE tried to tarnish his image when he eventually got there by having Asuka beat his historic 173–0 win streak.


"Well, a girl beat my winning streak," said the Hall of Famer. "Asuka is her name, some Japanese girl, and they touted her as being the one to have the longest winning streak, and it just so happened that that culminated when I got there."

The WCW legend also cited another aspect of his repertoire, his spear, as being appropriated by WWE, with him claiming that every wrestler performs his iconic move.

"And then it just so happened that every single wrestler uses the spear in their moves, right? Ironic that that happened when I got there. So that's how they do [it]," said Goldberg.

Asuka, during her time in "WWE NXT," beat the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion's winning streak in 2017, when she was the "NXT" Women's Champion. Her streak was ended at WrestleMania 34, where she faced and lost to then "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair. Goldberg revealed recently that he wanted his streak to end earlier than when it eventually did, claiming that he had pitched to lose to Bobby Eaton, but the powers-that-be at WCW rejected his request. 


The former WWE Universal Champion, who last wrestled against Roman Reigns in WWE in 2022, has been unhappy with WWE lately, claiming that they and Vince McMahon did not hold up their end of the deal and give him the retirement match he was promised.