Harley Cameron Discusses Reuniting With One Of Her Best Friends In AEW

Over the last year, AEW has made quite a few additions to the roster, including both Harley Cameron and Mariah May. While the two aren't paired up onscreen, it turns out they are quite close, as Cameron revealed when she appeared on "AEW Unrestricted" earlier this month.


"I'm so happy [May is] here," Cameron said. "She's one of my best, best friends in the entire world — probably my best friend. We actually met at WrestleCon two years ago, and this was before she'd gone to Japan, and I had had one match."

Cameron said she was at the convention to start building her brand in wrestling when she saw May and struck up a conversation. After talking for a few minutes, the two became fast friends.

"We hung out a little bit that weekend and kind of shared stories about our goals and aspirations," Cameron continued. "Neither of us, at the time, had the ability to work in America properly. ... We had to volunteer a lot."

Later on, Cameron was presented with the opportunity for a modeling job in Canada, soon bringing May in to join her. The AEW star said that the two became closer friends there and stayed in touch.


"We were like, 'Let's manifest that we're gonna be working in America, we're gonna be signed, we're gonna be together, and we're gonna start a tag team,'" Cameron said.

Though a tag team between the two has yet to manifest, Cameron and May have accomplished all the other goals listed. After a series of appearances, Cameron signed an AEW contract in April 2023, with May joining the promotion in November. If the past year is any indication, the two could be tag partners one day down the line.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "AEW Unrestricted" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.