Backstage Report Details WWE Raw Promo With CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins

It was a buzz-worthy edition of "WWE Raw" last night, in large part thanks to the show's closing scene where The Rock beat Cody Rhodes to a bloody pulp out in the Chicago rain. The final five minutes weren't the only highlight, however, as a promo segment earlier in the show featuring Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and hometown hero CM Punk drew plenty of notice, with some wondering if the segment was a rare chance of WWE going unscripted.


As it turns out, it did and it didn't. Fightful Select reports that the Punk/Rollins/McIntyre segment had been outlined beforehand, but that all three knew they had the green light to go for it and see where the segment took them. This made the segment, produced by Adam Pearce, a stark contrast to most WWE segments, which are always largely scripted out, even emotional segments that many thought to be unscripted.

The looser feeling to the segment did lead to some unexpected moments, with WWE production not anticipating Punk's use of cursing. Punk swearing on TV comes shortly after a memo had been sent to talent discouraging them from cursing on air, something that had led to controversy after Rock had cursed during his promos, with it being noted that Rock was given more carte blanche due to his star power.


Swearing was just one of many memorable moments Punk delivered during the segment, including an attempt to get McIntyre to reference disgraced former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on air. Despite that, there weren't believed to be any issues or heat related to the segment afterward, and all signs seem to indicate that Punk continues to be in good spirits during this current WWE run.