Jeff Jarrett Shares Encouraging Takeaway From AEW Dynamite In Toronto

If there is such a thing as a wrestling war right now between WWE and AEW, WWE is currently ahead, dominating attendance, TV ratings, and overall buzz. Despite that, AEW is far from struggling, in particular having developed an advantage over WWE in signing big name free agent talent. Beyond that, AEW talent and Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett sees plenty to be encouraged about for the promotion as they continue through 2024.


During the latest episode of "My World," Jarrett discussed why he's bullish on his promotion, including his belief that WWE, despite their current hot streak, is showing signs that they might be peaking. Another reason though is the episode of "AEW Dynamite" the promotion put on last week, which featured a big match between two of its top stars in their hometown that did good business.

"As red hot as the WWE live event business is, and I'm not talking about non-televisions, I'm talking about 'Raw's' and 'SmackDown's,'" Jarrett said. "They're killing it, and the PPV's obviously are killing it. [But] they're non-televised [events], they're not selling out every night. Are they rocking and rolling? Yes, with all this. 


"But the business in their world right now is at a peak. You look at us in AEW, Toronto last week, Coca-Cola Coliseum,'ve got Raptors in one building, and that market and everything. But I could not have been happier for Adam and Jay...Adam Copeland and Christian, in their hometown, I Quit match, but the building was sold out. It just kind of goes into...the very basics of our industry."

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