Why Bully Ray Says 'There's No More F*** Around Time' For WWE's Cody Rhodes

In the closing moments of "WWE Raw," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson delivered a blood-splattering and rain-soaked beatdown to Cody Rhodes outside of Chicago's Allstate Arena. Along with this assault, Johnson also reminded the audience of his sadistic promise of presenting a weightlifting belt, stained with Cody's blood, to "Mama Rhodes" at WrestleMania 40. Following Johnson's merciless actions, fans and pundits have posed an important question — how will Cody Rhodes respond? For WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, the ideal reaction is pure rage.


"If that's me and I'm a babyface, I am a volcano ready to explode," Ray said on "Busted Open Radio." "I have smoke coming out of my nose. I'm enraged. You can see the whites of my eyes. I'm not blinking. I'm staring down the barrel of that hard camera, and I'm telling Dwayne Johnson what I'm going to do to him. There's no more f*** around time for Cody Rhodes."

As Ray alluded to, much of Rhodes' WWE booking has cast him as a positive, smiling presence. Coming off a brutal beatdown at the hands of Johnson though, Ray believes it is time for Rhodes to show another, more aggressive, layer of his character, especially with a pair of high-stakes WrestleMania matches just around the corner.

"If I can see that side of Cody next week, that's my final piece [of the puzzle]. I haven't seen real rage. I don't want to see cool, calm, and collected ... Next Monday night in Brooklyn, we all have to watch something happen to Cody Rhodes. We all need to take a step back and going, 'Holy s***, this guy's going to f***ing kill the Rock, and then he's going to go on to kill Roman Reigns.' At least, that's what the intent has to be."


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