CM Punk Describes Scene Backstage Prior To WWE Survivor Series 2023 Return

CM Punk made his return to WWE last year after nearly a decade away, with many thinking he'd never appear in the promotion again. Speaking on "The MMA Hour" with host Ariel Helwani, Punk discussed the environment backstage at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 ahead of his big moment. The conversation revealed that, though Punk spoke and came to an agreement with Paul "Triple H" Levesque on Thanksgiving, he signed his contract just moments before appearing onscreen.


"I signed and then walked into Gorilla [position]," Punk said. "It was like the most crowded elevator. ... Everyone just turns and looks, and jaws drop on the floor, and people are like, 'What?' And then the world saw what came next."

The WWE star said that fewer than 10 people knew about his impending appearance before it happened, making a point to confirm that World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was not informed of Punk's Survivor Series return ahead of time. Some of the select few who did know include AJ Lee, Nick Khan, and the lawyers involved. Additionally, Punk alerted his family while he was on his way to the arena.

Once the moment arrived, Punk described it as "pure magic." Following the conclusion of the Men's WarGames match, his music played and he made his appearance in front of his hometown crowd.


'I've Made Some Great Moments'

Punk is well aware of the controversy that seems to surround him, referring to himself as a "magnet" for online rumors. However, the wrestling veteran believes that his work in the ring and on the microphone speaks for itself.


"What we do is ephemeral, right? It happens and it's gone," Punk continued. "What we leave people with are lasting memories and moments, and I have been fortunate enough, no matter what anybody says — how overrated I am, how s***ty I am, how I don't deserve whatever — man, I've made some great moments."

When those moments come to pass, Punk said that he feels like any of them will be the last one, but they just keep on happening. The WWE Champion said that his Survivor Series comeback was yet another of those milestone events in his career. Once he got backstage after the PLE ended, Punk was immediately greeted by more cameras to document the night.

"I'm sure, at some point, everyone will see that footage," Punk said. "Everyone's hooting and hollering, and you're the belle of the ball. People are slapping you on the back, they're kissing you on the mouth, they're hugging you. Everyone's stoked to see you."


Before moving on, Punk said that it was the kind of night that one never wants to come to an end.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "The MMA Hour" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.