Janel Grant's Lawyer Addresses Whether Triple H Knew About Grant And Vince McMahon

The ongoing lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE by former employee Janel Grant has been one of the biggest news stories in wrestling history. Filed in January 2024, Grant's allegations of sex trafficking, rape, assault, blackmail, coercion and more has shone a light on the backstage culture in professional wrestling that many people want to see changed. However, one of the ways it changes is if the people who were aware of what was going on step forward to tell their stories.


One person who was recently brought in to question was current WWE CCO Triple H, as Grant's recent 'love letter' mentioned someone called Paul, with Triple H's real name being Paul Levesque. During a recent interview with John Pollock of POST Wrestling and Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, Grant's lawyer Ann Callis confirmed that the Paul mentioned in the letter was a WWE executive assistant by the name of Paul Mangieri. Callis was then asked if she could confirm if Levesque was aware of the relationship and what was going on. "I can't comment on that now," Callis said. "Just to say that we do have witnesses still coming forward [about] the knowledge of executives at the WWE."

Grant's letter also refers to WWE President Nick Khan and the company's COO Brad Blum, who were confirmed as two of the corporate officers Grant mentioned in her lawsuit but chose to not name at the time the suit was filed. According to the lawsuit, Khan and Blum knew who Grant was and why she was hired by WWE (to be in a sexual relationship with McMahon), as well as being part of the group that helped cover up McMahon's wrong-doings. However, it was confirmed that neither Khan or Blum had any physical or sexual involvement in Grant's relationship with McMahon.


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