WWE's Nick Khan Discusses Netflix's Reaction To Allegations Against Vince McMahon

For a very long time, Vince McMahon was undeniably the most powerful figure within WWE. The last several years, however, have seen McMahon's stake drop dramatically as allegations of sexual misconduct have emerged. As of January 2024, McMahon no longer has a role within WWE beyond that of a stockholder, with the news coming just days after it was announced "WWE Raw" will head to Netflix next year.


Appearing on "The Town," WWE President Nick Khan talked through Netflix's reaction to the McMahon story. When asked if the news emerging prior to the deal would have prevented the two sides from agreeing, Khan doubted that to be the case but said he didn't think it would've helped.

"Those allegations are obviously horrific and serious," Khan said. "We take them and interpret them the same way I think every reasonable person or organization would take them. And you saw the quick resignation."

Khan then stated that Netflix did not tell WWE to remove McMahon and reaffirmed that McMahon's only involvement in WWE at this point is through owning shares. According to the President, the decision to resign as Executive Chairman came from McMahon himself.


Allegations of rape and sexual misconduct have followed McMahon for some time, but the latest details to emerge in January seem to have done more damage to McMahon's reputation. There is an ongoing civil suit accusing McMahon, WWE, and former wrestler and executive John Laurinaitis of sex trafficking, while McMahon is also reportedly the subject of an investigation by federal prosecutors.

In the January lawsuit filed against McMahon, WWE, and Laurinaitis, several unnamed company executives are heavily implied to be aware of at least some of the misconduct taking place in the company. Khan was later identified as one of these unnamed executives.

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