Former WWE Star Kelly Kelly Declares Ambition To Wrestle Again

While she may not be a full-time performer anymore, the door for Kelly Kelly's professional wrestling career remains open. During a recent interview with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," the former WWE Divas Champion expressed her desire to wrestle again sometime in the future, specifically so her twin children can witness their mother in action firsthand.


"I really want my twins to see me wrestle," Kelly said. "I think it would be so amazing when they get it when they're like four or five. They would probably [understand] it then, but like seeing 'That's my mom,' and they're sitting in the front row. I just remember watching Michelle McCool when she came back and did the [Royal] Rumble, and her daughter was sitting there and her daughter's face was priceless. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh,' because that's what I want. If you could just see, her daughter's eyes were just so big, and she was just like, 'That's my mom,' so proud. I just want that moment for me and my twins one day for them to just be like, 'That's my mom.' [I want to] just go out there and kick some butt for a few minutes.'"


Though she envisions her in-ring return being rather brief, Kelly noted that she welcomes the idea of making a "fun" run with one of the current members of the WWE women's division, such as Chelsea Green, Maxxine Dupri, or Tiffany Stratton. Kelly also reiterated her interest in potentially facing Charlotte Flair in a match, but feels that "The Queen" may instantly demolish her in the ring.

Kelly's last in-ring appearance came in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match, where she was promptly eliminated by former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion Sasha Banks.

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