Former WWE Star Dolph Ziggler Explains How Kurt Angle Helped Him Get WWE Tryout

Former WWE star Dolph Ziggler has revealed how Kurt Angle helped him in joining WWE, crediting him for the successful career that he's had.

Ziggler, who goes by his real name Nic Nemeth after his WWE exit, recently spoke to Angle on "Busted Open," discussing the part the Olympic gold medalist played in him getting a tryout with WWE.


"The reason I got a tryout with WWE, the reason Dolph Ziggler existed and had a chance was because you [Angle] were so good at your job, picking it up so quickly with WWE that in 2004 they gave a guy who is a 5'11", 175 pounds, out of college — Kent State University, Division 1, all-time winningest wrestler there, no big deal ... having that tryout, I only got a chance because you were coming along so quickly and picking it up so fast that they go, 'Oh, these wrestlers have these mindsets that they want to be the best, and pick it up fast.' Because of you, I got a tryout, a chance, and became a WWE Superstar, now a TNA star, NJPW star," said the former WWE United States Champion.

The current IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion went on to call the Hall of Famer his hero. Angle, in response, praised Ziggler's natural ability in the ring, even going to claim that the former WWE star was as good as him inside the squared circle. He also feels that Ziggler was undersized as a WWE star, which makes his WWE career even more commendable.


Ziggler began his WWE career in 2004, while Angle's tenure with WWE was then coming to an end. The two didn't face each other during Angle's first run in the promotion, but following his return in 2017, Angle and Ziggler squared off in the ring at the Crown Jewel show in 2018, won by Ziggler.