Thunder Rosa On The Importance Of Her Upcoming AEW Dynasty Title Match

AEW star Thunder Rosa is getting a shot at the Women's World Championship just four months after returning from a serious injury. Rosa will face off against "Timeless" Toni Storm at AEW's newest pay-per-view, Dynasty, on Sunday, after securing the spot as number one contender with a win over Mariah May on "AEW Dynamite." Rosa never lost the championship she once held, as the decision for her to vacate the title was made in November 2022 after she suffered a back injury, which ended up keeping her on the shelf for more than 16 months. Rosa discussed her return to pay-per-view on the "KiddKris Show," and described the impact she's looking to make.


"I'm going to be on a pay-per-view in two weeks. I have not been on a pay-per-view in two years. This means a lot," Rosa said. "This championship match means a lot because it's that's redemption of... It's been a fight within myself the past two years to regain what I never lost. It's very important to say that I never lost this, I had to relinquish because of an injury." Rosa also called out Storm, due to Storm saying she got injured because she couldn't carry the title. Rosa had previously taken shots at StormĀ on social media, where she accused the "Timeless" one of trying to disrespect and harass her on "Dynamite." Rosa said that she has been in the business long enough to know that she was "living rent free" in Storm's head.


"Delusional. She should be 'Delusional Toni Storm,'" she said. "The woman [drank] so much in her lifetime that she lost her mind. She's absolutely delusional. Everything that comes out of her ... mouth, it's crazy. She might have some sort of disease. She even described it one time when she was on commentary ... She lost her mind."

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