Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss The Path Of WWE Star Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa has made an impact in WWE since debuting on the main roster alongside the Bloodline in 2022 at Clash at the Castle. Sikoa has protected Roman Reigns, and made a name for himself as one of the most dominant members of the family. On Friday's "WWE SmackDown," Sikoa appeared to take control of the Bloodline in Reigns' absence after losing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40. Sikoa even debuted a new member of the faction, Tama Tonga. Sikoa was recently the subject of discussion on "Busted Open Radio." Bully Ray said it's been a great year and a half for Sikoa, to just be "standing there and hanging around," but learning through the company's biggest storyline.


"Obviously, he had his match with Cena, but he's getting a great education into what it's like to be in a main event spot, without having to be the actual main-eventer," he said. "Now they're going to start to peel back the layers on Solo Sikoa. Now we're going to start to learn who Solo Sikoa is a little more. Why Solo thinks the way he does ... We know exactly who Solo is, now we're going to learn what makes Solo tick." Mark Henry said Solo is going to go on to be the heater for the Bloodline. He said he'll take all of the marching orders from Reigns. Henry believes the story is going the way of Paul Heyman losing control once again. He also believes there's more to come, when it comes to debuts.


"And then Paul gains control again, because there are more people in the Samoan Dynasty and in the Bloodline that could come in and possibly be like, 'you know what, I think this is a better option,' and Paul has always kept a feather in the cap, so I'd love to see what that story's going to be like," Henry said.

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