Bully Ray Explains Downside Of A WWE Feud Between Cody Rhodes & LA Knight

With the story finished and the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship around his waist, Cody Rhodes requires some challengers. He'll get one at WWE's upcoming Backlash PLE in France, with his challenger to be determined by a singles match this Friday between rivals AJ Styles and LA Knight, who emerged victorious from triple threat matches this past Friday on "SmackDown" to enter the number one contender's match.


With a few days to go before Styles and Knight collide, Bully Ray is expressing some concerns about Knight winning and becoming Rhodes' first challenger. On Monday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully wondered aloud how the crowd would react to Rhodes going up against a heavy fan favorite in Knight, while also questioning how WWE would handle Rhodes' booking now that he was champion.

"I think you're...potentially cutting audience," Bully said. "I'm not going to say in half. But what if ¾'s of the place cheers for Cody, but ¼ of the place cheers for LA Knight? Cody needs to have his back against the wall at all times. Cody is the type of champion that needs to be fighting underneath at all times. And my concern is that they don't have the type of heels that can keep the pressure on him, like a Brock Lesnar did. Or Cody having to overcome, like the torn pec muscle. Or what Roman, or the beat down that Rock gave him in the rain in Chicago with the blood. 


"We've seen so much in the past year with Cody. Who is going to be able to top what we've seen? They went out of their way to go through all of these things to get Cody to the point where he finishes his story and becomes champion. Now what?"

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