Arn Anderson Weighs In On WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2024

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 as a member of the Four Horsemen, AEW's Arn Anderson knows what it takes to receive the ultimate honor. And while discussing the 2024 Hall of Fame class on the most recent episode of "ARN," Double A revealed what he feels is the essential quality a wrestling Hall of Famer should have, which is having a strong, consistent body of work, as opposed to being a top star.


"I think that should play a part for some of the entrants into the Hall of Fame, just their body of work," Anderson said. "It's not that they were used on top or in so many main events or X big number of matches and all that, but what was their body of work in contributing to the business? Like Paul Heyman, how can you deny him? He's been in there for what, 25 years...It was awesome."

Aside from his former Dangerous Alliance leader, Anderson seemed the happiest with the induction of the tag team The U.S. Express, which featured Anderson's former co-worker Mike Rotunda and former Four Horsemen teammate Barry Windham.

"I'm so happy for those guys," Anderson said. "Any accolade you can give Barry Windham, it's probably not enough...We say it all the time, that guy was so good. Mike Rotunda, tremendous performer, probably underrated from just what he brings to the table. The guy can have a great match with anybody. And a good solid guy. 


"With the year that he's had, I'm glad that he had something to...just feature him, to get his mind on just his career...if you knew Mike as a producer if you knew him as a performer, you saw just how in tune he was. I'm very, very happy for both of those guys."

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