WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray Likens Pro Wrestling To Poker

If there's one thing everyone can agree about when it comes to Bully Ray, it's that the two-time Hall of Famer is never shy about sharing his opinions on wrestling. But the former ECW, WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor star may have finally topped himself when he decided to compare pro wrestling to an entity that would seem to be the complete opposite; poker.


During Tuesday's edition of "Busted Open Radio" during a discussion of the WWE landscape now that the promotion is moving out of WrestleMania season, Bully made his poker analogy while advising WWE wrestlers who could be looking to find themselves moving up the card as the year progresses.

"Every week coming up, whether it's 'Raw' or 'SmackDown,' and we still have got the draft coming in a couple of weeks, the big shakeup, no matter what hand you're dealt, play it to your maximum ability," Bully said. "Go out there and get over. Show creative why you should be positioned to be the next champion. That's it...In poker, you have two choices with every hand you're dealt. You can play the hand, or you can fold. In wrestling, you can play what creative gives you, or you can fold. You fold, you're done, especially at that level. 


"And you don't need the greatest hand in the world to win at the World Series of Poker. Think about that...You don't need the best cards in your hand to defeat your opponent. You just need to know how to outwork your opponent. That's why pro wrestlers are also poker players. We're actors, athletes, we're poker players, we're magicians, we're psychologists. We're all of those. And when you learn how to master all of those aspects, you become a big deal in this business."

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