Video: Ivar Says He's Ready To Take Down WWE NXT North American Champion Oba Femi

WWE star Ivar is set to face "NXT" North American Champion Oba Femi on next week's show, and the former "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champion has sent a warning to his opponent.

On this past week's "NXT," Ivar defeated Josh Briggs in a singles match, earning himself a shot at Femi's title. The Viking Raider, following this week's "NXT," stated that the match with Briggs has motivated him for his contest against the North American Champion.


"You're damn right I am," Ivar replied when asked if he was going to face Oba Femi next. "I'm ready. And forgive me, 'cause (Josh) Briggs has got me fired up. I love hitting and that man brought it. But Oba Femi, that's a man who's going to bring it to me, and that's a man I'm ready for."

Ivar added that Oba Femi has got everything handed to him in his short WWE career and that he's a relative amateur in the pro wrestling business compared to him, mentioning how he's been in wrestling for over two decades.

"This man (Femi) has been unstoppable in 'NXT.' No one can bring him down, but I did. I brought him to his knees, I put him on the mat. And what's he got? 12, 15 matches in the books? I've got 23 years. Nothing's been handed to me. He came to 'NXT' and he got the red carpet. Not me. It's been 23 years of failures and heartaches. I've been through a Viking Experience, I've been through a pandemic, I've been through a broken neck. And, now, in 2024 and 'NXT' and I will have my first opportunity for a singles championship in this company and I will not squander it."


Ivar argued that Oba Femi may be big, but he's not "battle-worn and battle-tested" like him. Ivar has enjoyed success as a singles star on the main roster ever since his tag team partner, Erik, suffered an injury.