Saraya Seemingly Defends Fellow AEW Star Will Ospreay Over 'The Grind'

AEW's Saraya is seemingly defending fellow star Will Ospreay when it comes to comments about "the grind" and how hard professional wrestlers have to work, no matter which company they're signed with. Discourse over "the grind" began when Paul "Triple H" Levesque seemingly made a comment about Ospreay signing with AEW because he would have a lighter schedule. Ospreay responded to the WWE CCO in a televised promo, saying Levesque only got to where he is because he was "grinding on the bosses' daughter."


Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Saraya commented on her brother, recent AEW signing Zak Knight, returning home to see his children for the first time in six months. She thanked AEW and its president, Tony Khan for making it happen.

"My brother has been grinding in @AEW since October and only had 20 or so days fully at home because he wanted to grind for them," Saraya wrote. "So getting the opportunity to get home early to his wife and to surprise his kids for over 3 WEEKS is a dream come true. Not long now until they move over here to America. Helluva sacrifice for your dream until that point though bro. I'm so proud of you @TheZakZodiac."


When a fan responded to her and said that Knight put in the work "unlike someone else who thinks flying back and forth every week is a grind," Saraya said that it is. She said it's rough on someone's body to be traveling so much and swithcing time zones. Saraya said people taking her posts about her brother as an opportunity to "dog on anyone" is "too chronically online."

"All wrestlers should be respected for what they do to be a success in this business. It's a difficult job that we LOVE to do but it can be rough for different reasons," she wrote.