Video: Hear What Liv Morgan Said To Rhea Ripley During WWE RAW Faceoff

On last week's episode of "WWE Raw," Rhea Ripley shared the unfortunate news that she'd be forced to relinquish her WWE Women's World Championship due to an injury sustained during a backstage attack at the hands of Liv Morgan. Naturally, Ripley expressed a mix of disappointment and anger toward this development. Morgan, on the other hand, was quite pleased, as it signaled significant progress in her ongoing revenge tour.


Before officially setting out for recovery, Ripley came face-to-face with Morgan on "Raw," threatening to retaliate against her. In response, Morgan issued a smug reminder.

"I'm taking everything. I told you everything will be mine," Morgan said while held back by security. "Let's go! Come on! Let's go! When you come back looking for the champ, you look for me. You come and you find me!"

As Morgan's message alluded to, much of her focus has been aimed at Ripley, who (in kayfabe) put her on the shelf with a shoulder injury for six months. Following her return at the 2024 Royal Rumble, Morgan then vowed to exact revenge on Ripley by taking her most prized possession – the WWE Women's World Championship. Tomorrow, Morgan will have the opportunity to do just that as she, along with several "Raw" roster members, compete in a battle royal to determine the new WWE Women's World Champion. Meanwhile, Ripley will officially begin her healing process.


Given that Ripley reportedly sustained an AC joint injury, it will take about four to six weeks for her to regain mobility. Another three months of training and rehab is expected to follow after that before Ripley returns to action.