Matt Hardy Reflects On Working For AEW, Friendship With The Young Bucks

Former WWE star Matt Hardy reflected on his time with AEW, and what drove him to switch promotions. 

On a recent episode of his "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Hardy said that initially, the lighter schedule of a weekly television show and a quarterly pay-per-view was very enticing at this stage of his career. "Just being on that schedule, allowing me to be at home with all my kids, still being paid well. I made really good money when I was under contract with AEW, so those things were really appealing." 


Additionally, Hardy mentioned that he was being pushed into a producer role in WWE, while AEW offered him the opportunity to continue wrestling. Another factor that made the jump to become "All Elite" more appealing was the alternative approach that AEW took to professional wrestling. 

"It was very motivating, and it was also something that I think drew a lot of attention right from the jump because they were very much like a rebel group; when you say counterculture, they were because they were doing things differently, they were doing things in their own fashion," said Hardy.

The former WWE tag team champion also commented on the dream match that occurred twice between the Hardys and The Young Bucks. Hardy revealed that his friendship with The Young Bucks was another major influence for the move and made the transition to a new company much easier. "They were two of my best friends, so just able to be with them, and hang out with them, that was always very enjoyable. Those were the driving forces that motivated me to sign with AEW."


Following his AEW exit, Matt Hardy returned to TNA but has clarified that he is a free agent and could return to AEW.

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