Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Discuss AEW's Jack Perry Following All In Controversy

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer have commented on how Jack Perry may be booked and AEW's options post-All In 2022 footage broadcast.

Dreamer, on "Busted Open," said that the airing of the footage has helped AEW stars character-wise, but has some reservations on the CM Punk impact on future storylines involving Perry.


"Again, character-wise, it worked for The Bucks. Jack Perry sold out all his t-shirts after it aired, and he had a lot of heat in his match — and I watched that match, and there was moments where I was like, 'Man!' Especially when he went to the Go to Sleep, and took his time, and when the guy reversed it, I was like, 'That's great,'" Dreamer said. 

"So you never know — so there is your positive spin from me. That's ... character-wise, I think that worked. Pay off-wise, because Punk doesn't work there, how do you put that? Do you put it on the company, do you put it on someone? They're gonna go for heat," Dreamer continued. "If, for the rest of his life, Jack Perry goes out there and they chant 'CM Punk.' That's not going to be the best option for Jack. So, you have to try and spin it to get him over more."


The Young Bucks appeared on the April 10 episode of "AEW Dynamite" to introduce the highly-anticipated backstage altercation footage, thus making a storyline connection between Perry and themselves. Perry solidified that connection following his appearance at AEW Dynasty, where he appeared from the crowd to interfere in the ladder match for the vacant AEW Tag Team Championships.

Bully Ray believes Jack Perry would be better suited as a babyface

Bully Ray, meanwhile, is uncertain regarding a heel run for Jack Perry and proposed an angle that would put him over as a righteous vigilante.

"I would've thought because CM Punk put his hands on Jungle Boy first, that gave Jungle Boy has a reason to be the babyface in this whole situation," Ray said. "And Jungle Boy could come out and say, 'Yeah, Punk approached me, we were having a conversation. I might have said something that the veteran didn't like; I wasn't trying to be intentionally disrespectful, but then he pushed me. I had no recourse — I had to try and fight back. I had to try and do something. And the reason I tried to do something, at the end of the day, is because I really love AEW, and I appreciate this company, and Tony has given me a chance.'"


He argued that Perry as a babyface who defended AEW would be a good option for him going forward.

"Go over, over the top babyface with this," Ray continued. "Now you got something. The kid defended the company. You gonna make him a heel? First thing I wanna chant at him is 'CM Punk.'"

Perry was absent from AEW broadcasting since last year's All In, and has instead had an NJPW run under the nickname "Scapegoat." Now that he has officially returned to AEW programming, the entire wrestling world has their eyes on Perry's — and AEW's — next move.