Tony Khan Responds To CM Punk's Accusation That AEW Didn't Pay His Medical Bills

After CM Punk spoke to Ariel Helwani about his time in AEW on "The MMA Hour," old tensions between Punk and AEW flared up again. In the April 2024 interview, Punk claimed that AEW did not pay for the tricep injury he sustained during All Out 2022, and claimed he had to pay for the medical bills himself. 


On the media call with AEW CEO Tony Khan before AEW Dynasty, Khan responded to Punk's allegations and made AEW's injury reimbursement policy quite clear.

"We typically do pay those expenses — I'd have to look into that," Khan clarified. "I can't say for sure; it doesn't sound right to me. If that is the case, you know, then I would reimburse him, honestly."

Despite being a worrying workplace accusation, AEW's lack of medical coverage for Punk's injury mostly went unnoticed in the midst of an otherwise intense interview between Punk and Helwani. This is not the first time Punk has expressed professional disappointment in Khan's management. In the very same interview with Helwani, the WWE star claimed that Khan was a "nice guy," but far from a boss.


"Typically, we do cover those medical expenses, especially for something that occurred in the ring, as that did," Khan stated. "So, I would have to look into that [Punk's accusation], but, no, I'm not sure about that — I can't say for sure."

As of writing, there has been no word as to whether Punk has received reimbursement for his 2022 medical bills. Punk underwent surgery for his 2022 triceps injury to prevent muscular atrophy, which is when a particular muscle wastes away due to inactivity.