Bully Ray Shares His Takeaways From AEW Dynasty

By in large, it's been all positive notices from wrestling fans and pundits regarding AEW Dynasty this past Sunday. And Bully Ray can now be added to the list of those who found the show to be a hit. On Tuesday's "Busted Open Radio," the two-time Hall of Famer gave Dynasty two thumbs up, while noting the PPV succeeded despite, what he felt, was a weak buildup.


"It seems like the pattern for AEW is just as things are getting a little wonky for them, they have their quarterly PPV," Bully said. "They blow the roof off the place, they get their fanbase back on board, back on track, and they head forward TV and their new stories. So hopefully Dynasty some good for AEW, which is, for the AEW fanbase, a really, really strong show."

While Bully does have some optimism that Dynasty could lead to a hot streak for AEW, he still has questions regarding whether AEW can grab new fans.

"They knocked it out of the park for their fans that stuck around to watch that PPV," Bully said. "Obviously, we talk about some of the things that AEW can do better. AEW needs to get new eyes on their product. And the build-up before the PPV is what they need to be strong to get eyes on the product. 


"So yes, great PPV, awesome show.The talent will always go out there and kill it. When you have a Will Ospreay and a Bryan Danielson in the ring, and the people are chanting 'Holy s**t!' and 'This is awesome!' before they even touch, you know you're going to get magic in the wing. And they had an incredible match. Will a match like that bring new eyes to the product remains to be seen."

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