WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Doesn't Hold Back On Chris Jericho's AEW Work With Hook

Chris Jericho and HOOK have been involved in an angle on AEW television for weeks, from teaming together to facing off against each other. Their feud culminated at AEW's newest pay-per-view, Dynasty, on Sunday, when Jericho captured HOOK's FTW Championship. The previous Wednesday on the go-home "AEW Dynamite" before the event, Jericho and HOOK met face-to-face in the middle of the ring, with HOOK's father and AEW commentator Taz "mediating" their war of words. Jericho ended up shoving Taz down during the face-off after he got sick of Taz interrupting, leading to an altercation between himself and HOOK to set up the pay-per-view match.


WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke about the feud on his "Kliq This" podcast, and the NWO co-founder was not impressed by the go-home angle to Dynasty. Nash did admit, however, that he doesn't often watch the AEW product. "What that did last night was kind of pretty much explained to me why I don't. I just didn't get it," Nash said. "I don't get why ... Chris pushed Taz.. [Jericho] is talking s*** about his kid. I don't care how many layers of clothes you put on, Chris could f****** beat that kid's a** in 20 seconds."

Nash said he doesn't understand why Jericho is going along with the angle, and believes the former WWE star has to have an "exit strategy." Nash said Jericho has to be booking his own storylines in the company, and is confident Jericho knows what he's doing. "If I was Tony and Chris told me, 'Let me handle this, I'll get us there,' that would be one of the few people on that roster that I'd say, 'Okay, Chris, if you're going to get us there, than you'll get us there,'" Nash said. "[HOOK] is not going to draw a f****** dime. Ever."


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