AEW Star Kenny Omega Explains Why He Is A Fan Of SGW Uganda

Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda is an upstart independent wrestling promotion based in — you guessed it — Uganda, with performers using a soft bed of mud as a ring and offering up their own interpretations of classic tropes. SGW Uganda recently got a boost when former WWE stars Mason D. Madden and Mansoor visited the promotion, filming some content and helping raise money for those involved. Now, speaking on his Twitch account, AEW star Kenny Omega is shining a light on SGW Uganda, confirming that he is a fan of the performers.


"One thing that I really love and appreciate about SGW Uganda is, when you're watching it, you can feel the heart of the athletes," Omega said. "It's infectious, to see the passion of these people and to see the passion through their work."

Before beginning, Omega playfully acknowledged that his comments would inevitably gain traction with wrestling news outlets. He then expressed his belief that the performers in SGW Uganda might not have formal training or a high-quality ring to work with, but are still able to entertain audiences because of their dedication and passion, both in-person and on social media.

"It's quite impressive, actually, that a promotion with such a small start — humble beginning — has been able to attract so much attention around the world," Omega continued, then pointing out the recent visits from Madden and Mansoor, as well as former AEW performer CIMA. "This place — it's getting traction, and I think that's wonderful."


As for Omega, the former AEW World Champion is still recovering from a case of diverticulitis that put him on the shelf late last year. His condition was said to have been quite severe, and with Omega still likely requiring surgery in the near future, the timetable for his return is still unclear.