Bully Ray Comments On The Goings On Between Members Of WWE's Judgment Day Faction

WWE faction The Judgment Day is in a state of flux. Though Damian Priest won the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE WrestleMania 40, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley are both injured. According to Bully Ray on a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," this could be an opportunity for Priest to put himself forward as a true singles star. The WWE Hall of Famer believes the process may have already begun.


"Priest has definitely separated himself from the pack," Bully said. "To me, Priest needs to separate himself from the pack a lot more. ... I'd love to see Priest be able to do with the [World Heavyweight] Championship what GUNTHER did with the [Intercontinental] strap. Now I know that doesn't incorporate any story, but I've seen a lot of story with Priest. I'd love to see the credibility of Priest's singles run start to come out a little bit."

Now that Priest holds the World Heavyweight Championship, Bully argued that the performer should be positioned on his own, away from The Judgment Day more often. The radio host pointed out that the company may already be headed in that direction but these things take time, and The Judgment Day saga has been reliant on a slower style of storytelling.


What's Next For Damian Priest?

"Last night, when I saw [Priest] still involved in The Judgment Day, I was asking myself, 'Why is my World Heavyweight Champion still involved in this?'" Bully continued. "But then I pumped the brakes and I'm like, 'Well, you can't just pull him out. You gotta gently get him out via the story.'"


With Liv Morgan injuring Ripley, Bully foresees a lengthy story playing out that will include Morgan attempting to win the faction over. While Priest might be in the group as of today, the former ECW star thinks WWE's creative team should write him out of the faction when it makes sense.

"Eventually, I want to see him more on his own," Bully said. "He could always be brought back in [to The Judgment Day]. Imagine if Priest is the catalyst for bringing Rhea back. Rhea and Priest look really impressive together."

Bully wants to see Priest continue what previous champion Seth Rollins did with the World Heavyweight Championship, which is to defend it on a regular basis as a "workhorse" title. In order to do that effectively, however, the company needs to create more babyfaces that the audience cares about.


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