Bully Ray Reveals One Thing He'd Like To See From The 2024 WWE Draft

For the last several years, WWE has kept up the annual tradition of a draft in the spring, placing talent on one of the company's three brands. It's a yearly opportunity for a refresh, allowing for first-time match-ups between wrestlers and new presentations on display. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray shared what he wants to see coming out of this year's draft.


"I hope that they take the talent that they're not necessarily utilizing on a weekly or a bi-weekly or a monthly basis on the main roster, and they put them in NXT and utilize them a little bit more properly," Bully said. "I think you can balance out NXT even better with the use of some veteran talent, and I think they've been doing a good job as it is."

With NXT participating in the WWE Draft, some talent will likely be called up while other more seasoned performers may return to NXT. Bully pointed out that he hopes to see those wrestlers get actively excited onscreen upon being drafted to NXT, as that will help make the brand look good in the eyes of fans.

This year's WWE Draft is set to begin Friday on "WWE SmackDown," with the process continuing on Monday's "WWE Raw." In anticipation of the Draft, last night's "NXT" was a significant one, with Ilja Dragunov losing the NXT Championship to Trick Williams. A report from earlier this month indicated that WWE was hoping to utilize the Draft to make NXT more of an established third brand, and it's looking likely that some major shake-ups are on the way.


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