Tommy Dreamer Questions The Purpose Of Post-Event Pressers In Pro Wrestling

People seem to be on the fence about media scrums and pressers in wrestling. Some feel they're great for seeing more of the real personalities behind the spectacle. Others brush them off as platforms for journalists to ask provocative questions for an easy soundbite. One thing is clear, though: they certainly produce lots of headlines. "Brawl Out" has been talked to death, but more recently, comments made by Triple H at a post-WrestleMania presser prompted a rather vitriolic response from Will Ospreay on "AEW Dynamite." Tommy Dreamer thinks wrestling is seeing an uptick in performers taking shots at each other, due in part from these media pressers, and he elaborated on "Busted Open Radio."


"I don't know what purpose it serves," Dreamer said. "I thought the media thing at WrestleMania served a purpose. That's when the shove happened, all that stuff. I thought that was cool, the slap. But then it goes back to media ... What great thing has happened from any media thing, except getting knowledge that really has just been focused on the negative?" To Dreamer's point, Bully Ray said that in a worked world of sports entertainment, the press conference opens you up to a potential disaster of a CM Punk-type situation. Dreamer said that there are other, more effective ways to give fans and media insider access beyond a press conference.

"TNA [Rebellion], four wrestlers legit got hurt," Dreamer said. "And I saw that fans were concerned about them. You know why? Because the locker [room] was concerned about them. I said, why don't we go kinda like 'Real Sports' and give an injury report on these people, because people are concerned about people that they actually care about. And we put it out on social, and it worked. But it wasn't a press conference."