AEW Star Chris Jericho's Upcoming Wrestling Film Set For Film Festival Debut

AEW star Chris Jericho's new movie about pro wrestling, titled "Dark Match," is set to commence sales at the Cannes Film Market later this year. 

As per "Variety," Blue Finch Films has acquired the rights to sell the film, which is an action-horror, starring Jericho, Ayisha Issa, and Steven Ogg. The movie reportedly takes place in the '80s, and it will premiere sometime later in the year. Blue Finch Films' Mike Chapman has explained the reasoning behind them acquiring the worldwide rights for the film, stating that the "page-turning script" will enthrall movie-goers.


"We quickly fell in love with the film's heady blend of action and the occult upon reading Lowell's page-turning script," said Chapman. 

Lowell Dean, who directed and wrote "Wolfcop," serves as both the writer and director for "Dark Match," a movie centered on a pro wrestling promotion seizing an opportunity to perform in a backwoods town. However, they soon discover that the town is under the control of a mysterious cult leader with devious plans.

"Dark Match" will join the growing list of pro wrestling-based movies, the most recent of which to capture the public's attention is "The Iron Claw," based on the Von Erich family. Last year also saw the release of 'Cassandro,' centered on gay pro wrestler Saul Armendariz.


Jericho, who has acted in several TV shows and movies over the years, is part of a few ongoing movie projects, which include "The Walk On's" and "Self Storage."