WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker Assesses The Job Triple H Has Done In Creative

In July 2022, WWE announced that Paul "Triple H" Levesque would be stepping up as the company's new head of creative. Two months later, Levesque's position in WWE elevated even higher, as he was then officially named as the Chief Content Officer. In this role, Leveqsue oversees WWE's talent relations, talent development, live events, and creative departments, the latter of which he now reportedly drives "99%" of. On an episode of "Six Feet Under," WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker provided his assessment of Levesque's performance as WWE's Chief Content Officer.


"He's always had that mind for the business," Undertaker said. "He's always had just a really good comprehension of the business. I think not only like idea wise and being kind of in tune with our audience for the most part, but he also knows how to deal with the athletes now. His demeanor and the way that he interacts with talent is really good. When I'm around, I watch from afar and [he's] just like a really good mentor type. He's wearing a lot of hats, but his demeanor and the ability to lock in with today's talent, it's different than it used to be."

As an acknowledgment of Levesque's continued efforts, some fans have labeled WWE's recent programming shift as an intro to the "Paul Leveqsue era." Levesque, however, maintains that this development was made possible with the help of the entire WWE team, including WWE President Nick Khan and the recently-appointed Head of Media and Production, Lee Fitting. As such, Levesque insists that this new age of WWE is "our era."


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