AEW's Darby Allin Recovering From Being Hit By A Bus

AEW star Darby Allin is known for taking a lot of risks, both in and out of the ring. When he's performing in All Elite Wrestling, he is diving off ladders through panes of glass, and when he gets some free time, he jumps over his own house in a car and does stunts on a tricycle. Allin has been out of action since the "Big Business" edition of "AEW Dynamite" in March after he broke his foot during a match with Jay White, which ultimately cost him his chance to climb Mount Everest. Now Allin has yet another injury to deal with


Allin took to Instagram to say that he had been hit by a bus. Despite the severity of the situation, Allin was still able to catch a show on Broadway with American artist Raymond Pettibon. 

"That awkward moment when your crossing the street in New York with a broken foot and get hit by a bus," he wrote. "Least I can have a good time with @raymond_pettibon_ and catch a broadway show lol"

Before his broken foot, Allin was on course to have one of his most successful years. He won the AEW Tag Team Championships with Sting on February 7 by defeating Big Bill and Ricky Starks in a Tornado Tag Match, before successfully defending the titles against The Young Bucks in the main event of AEW Revolution on March 3. With their win over Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, Allin and Sting ended their run as a team with a 100% win rate as Sting would officially retire from wrestling following the event. Allin was gifted Sting's bat after The Icon had called it quits, but that bat is now in the possession of Jay White, who has been parading around with it on TV since injuring Allin at "Big Business."