Video: Darby Allin Attempts Backflip On A Tricycle

It would be hard to top the weekend Darby Allin just had. On Saturday, the AEW star was at an autograph signing when Brody King arrived and responded to Allin's offer for a handshake after AEW "Dynamite" this past Wednesday by powerbombing him through a merchandise table. Allin naturally responded to this attack the only way he knew how: by riding a tricycle down a big air ramp at a Nitro Circus event.


For those who think such a thing couldn't take place, never fear — the former TNT Champion provided video proof of his daredevil act on Twitter.

"MY BACKFLIP ON TRICYCLE!" Allin tweeted, complete with a coffin emoji.

As seen in the video, Allin would ultimately attempt to backflip on the tricycle twice during the event, both times on the big air ramp. On his first attempt, he failed to get enough rotation and landed on his back, though he slid down the ramp and got up just fine. Allin's second attempt was an improvement, and he looked to land the trick cleanly before over-rotating, leading to him ultimately wiping out. Once again, Allin walked away unscathed, this time, bemoaning how close he was to successfully pulling off the trick.


Allin will now turn his attention back to AEW this Wednesday, along with his legendary partner Sting, who has become somewhat of a daredevil himself during his AEW run. Not counting the post "Dynamite" scene with King or their brawl at the autograph signing, Allin's last AEW appearance was on "Rampage" nearly two weeks ago, where he took part in the first-ever Royal Rampage battle royal match. He would make it to the final pairing before he was eliminated by King after the House of Black member put Allin to sleep and dropped him to the floor.