Since reuniting and feeling so good about it in AEW, Matt and Jeff Hardy have worked a lot with Sting. The duo has a lot of history with “The Icon”, with some moments being better than others, but as they revealed on “Talk is Jericho” this week, their time with The Stinger in AEW has been nothing but a blast.

“It was a thrill when we got to have that six-man tag at Revolution with Sting in it,” Matt Hardy said. “It was his idea, he was like, ‘I really need to do something to really highlight myself.’ And he did the thing where he jumped off the balcony and through the four tables, which was so great. I got to work with him a lot in that match, and I actually got to work with him in TNA back in the day, back in 2011 a little bit.

“He’s the best, man. It’s weird, Sting falls kind of almost a generation ahead of you and me in some ways. And he’s still out there and he’s so committed to performing. He’ll take chances, and he’s there to help with the talent, and he’ll give input. He just goes about it with the best attitude of all time. He’s so amazing to be around. It’s truly been a thrill to work with him.”

Jeff Hardy then decided to spill some beans regarding his crazy Swanton Bomb off a ledge on a March episode of “AEW Dynamite”, and the role Sting played in that spot.

“That Swanton from the window, it was sketchy up there because it was like, I don’t know, not even a foot wide,” Jeff Hardy said. “But then Sting that day said, ‘If you don’t want to do it, I’ll do it. I’ll dive onto a group of people.'”

Matt Hardy then confirmed Jeff’s version of events and why it ultimately wound up with Jeff on the ledge instead of Sting.

“Darby said, ‘I found this really cool ledge that somebody can jump off of, maybe on a bunch of guys,'” Matt Hardy said. “And you can see Sting, he’s like looking back, and you can tell his wheels are turning. He looks at me and he goes, very aggressively, ‘Matt, you don’t want to jump off that, do you?’ And I went, ‘Well, if it fits, then I will. It’s not really my wheelhouse so to speak, but if it fits where I jump off, I will.’ He said, ‘I’m sorry. The reason I’m saying it is I’ll do it. I’ll do it if you guys want me to.’ But Jeff had already kind of half-assed volunteered by Darby to do it.”

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