AEW Star Kenny Omega Gets Candid While Sharing His Thoughts About WWE's Roman Reigns

Tony Khan believes there's a personal rivalry between AEW and WWE, but one of his EVPs admires the competition's "Tribal Chief." Kenny Omega discussed Roman Reigns during a Twitch stream, and he had nothing but positive things to say about the former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.


"I think he's incredible. I don't think he's boring either," Omega said. "I would actually say that I'm pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented in the exact same way that I would love to be presented. He's presented as the man who is the champion to have big matches at the pay-per-views where you're either really cheering for him or you're cheering for someone else. That's professional wrestling. He's getting to do what I did in New Japan so I can't be a hater on that. I'm a fan."

Reigns has been absent from WWE television since losing the Undisputed Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. Since then, Jimmy Uso has been booted from The Bloodline, and Tama Tonga has joined the ranks alongside Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Reigns' role in the faction's future is yet to be determined, but he's still in charge as of this writing.


Meanwhile, AEW star Omega is out of action with diverticulitis, but he'll return to television on the upcoming episode of "Dynamite" for an on-air segment. It remains to be seen what Omega has in store, but he will presumably address The Elite after they fired him from the group and attacked AEW President Tony Khan.