Kevin Sullivan Addresses WWE's Potential Wyatt Family Angle

Bray Wyatt's untimely death naturally left a massive void in WWE, largely due to him still unraveling the character he had planned following his return to the promotion. There have been some rumors that WWE will continue his storyline through his brother, Bo Dallas — revealed to be Uncle Howdy all along — but according to Kevin Sullivan on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster," this could be a recipe for disaster. Sullivan expressed that while the angle might not be "impossible," it'll be difficult due to how ahead of his time Wyatt was. 


"He entertained people like nobody else in years. The Undertaker said he should've been the one to beat him for The Streak." Due to this, the veteran stressed that it might fall flat due to natural comparisons to Wyatt's work. "Where do you go with this where people don't say, 'Oh, that's good, but it wasn't as good as with Bray?'"

Due to the rumored inclusions of Erik Rowan and Matt Hardy, Sullivan pointed out that those involved with the "Wyatt6" angle could face ridicule online. "The trolls will have a field day on this subject; not that this matters, but it's going to be very, very... to me, they're on a tightrope. One side's ice, one side's fire."

Based on this, the rumored storyline faces major odds, and Sullivan noted that those involved will walk a fine line between angering people and falling flat. "They can't go so far that they turn the people off, because these guys are pigeonholed. These guys deserve a chance."


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