Kenny Omega Gets Candid About Nerves Ahead Of Upcoming AEW Dynamite Appearance

Set to make his "AEW Dynamite" return in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Kenny Omega admits to being a little nervous about his first appearance on AEW television since mid-December of 2023.


While streaming "Street Fighter 6" on his Twitch channel, "The Cleaner's Corner," Omega answered a fan's question about how he was feeling about (this coming) Wednesday and he opened right up, saying, "A little nervous, I can't lie." Though overall, Omega alluded to being in relatively good shape, he understands that the context of this appearance is far different than the environment he's been in otherwise for quite some time now.

"I've had the luxury of being able to challenge my limits here in the comfort of my home," he explained. "So, if I feel bad, it's easy just to get some meds, [lay] up in bed, whatever. But once I go all the way to Winnipeg, I'm in an arena, with fans, the cameras, the lights, it's like there's nowhere to run."


The hometown vibe will also be in his corner, which gives Omega a little added comfort, despite the fact that his ongoing battle with diverticulitis could make things touch and go at any moment. "I gotta make sure it's one of those good days," Omega noted, "and if it's not, that part's scary, but I'll get through it. I think it'll be okay. I don't know. I think the energy of the people will get me through it."

Omega has been out since announcing on December 15th via X that he would be out indefinitely due to the diagnosis, just days after he and Chris Jericho (then forming The Golden Jets tag team) declared their challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships, then held by Big Bill and Ricky Starks, at World's End.

A Surprise Return

If you thought the return of as big a star as Kenny Omega seemed to come about out of nowhere, you wouldn't be alone. In fact, the upcoming appearance caught even "The Cleaner" himself by surprise.

"I remember thinking about maybe, maybe showing up to Winnipeg," he said. "It really was just a maybe. And then I saw that my sister, my parents, my auntie who lives in Calgary, she had said, 'Oh my goodness, we've heard the big news.' And I said, 'What big news?' And they said, 'Yeah, the arena is advertising your return.'"


While Omega admitted to being roughly 80% on board for the return at the time of the news, relayed to him by his family after the venue for Wednesday's "Dynamite," The Canada Life Centre, promoted him as a sure thing, he figured at that point, he might as well dive in with both feet. "I guess that 80% becomes 100, whatever," Omega said.

At that point, if he was indeed going to be there, Omega recognized that maybe AEW itself should hitch their wagons to his comeback, and he reached out to Tony Khan. "I called the boss," he explained, "and said, 'Hey, man. If you wanna run a graphic or something, I guess I'll show up.'" Lo and behold, a lower-third graphic was run on last week's "Dynamite" and now Kenny Omega fans can start to get excited to see him on television once again.


As for how much he'll be involved, that remains up in the air, but the former AEW World Champion doesn't rule out mixing it up if need be. "I'm not afraid to get physical if it comes down to it, I guess," Omega said with a smile.