Backstage Report On Patrick Mahomes' WWE Raw Appearance

The "Raw" portion of the WWE Draft got a big boost last night when Kansas City Chiefs superstar and three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes made several appearances throughout the show. Some people, however, were taken back when Mahomes was portrayed as a heel, associating with WWE US Champion Logan Paul. The decision appeared even more curious, as the show took place in Kansas City, where Mahomes is arguably the most popular sports star in the city's history.


As it turns out, the decision for Mahomes to go heel was reportedly out of WWE's hands. On the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer addressed the confusion, stating that Mahomes' involvement in "Raw" wasn't booked by WWE, but was instead put together by WWE's sponsor, energy drink company Prime. Due to Mahomes and Paul's sponsorship with Prime, the company requested that Mahomes and Paul be associated throughout "Raw," resulting in the Chiefs star taking on a heelish role.

Mahomes was first seen on "Raw," alongside Judgment Day, greeting Paul as he entered the building to start the show. Later, Paul approached Mahomes at ringside and Mahomes allowed Paul to use his three Super Bowl rings to hit Jey Uso, only for Paul to accidentally strike JD McDonaugh instead. Paul would later flee into the crowd after the return of Braun Strowman, who made his first appearance in WWE in several months.


Mahomes wasn't the only Kansas City Chiefs star in attendance last night, as the all-pro was seen sitting next to offensive linemen Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith during the show. Humphrey and Smith would provide backup for Mahomes after Strowman walked over and confronted him, leading to Uso intervening before the situation turned physical.