Tiffany Stratton Opens Up About Boyfriend, Fellow WWE Star Ludwig Kaiser

While things have been going great for Tiffany Stratton professionally, between a strong run as NXT Women's Champion and being called up to WWE's main roster earlier this year, she's been just as fortunate in her personal life. That's largely due to Stratton's relationship with fellow WWE star Ludwig Kaiser, whom she began dating back in May 2022.


During an appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" over WrestleMania weekend, Stratton talked about her relationship with Kaiser, and revealed that they began dating thanks to a game of rock, paper, scissors while out celebrating her birthday.

"We kind of always knew of each other, cause we both were at the Performance Center," Stratton said. "One day, he was out and it was my birthday weekend, and I was out. And we actually played rock, paper, scissors, and the loser had to ask the person on the date. So he lost, and he had to ask me on the date."

Stratton also opened up about how her and Kaiser see each other a lot less at the moment, largely due to Stratton working as a member of the "SmackDown" roster, while Kaiser has remained on "Raw," and how it makes their time together even more valuable.


"It's the last couple of months since I just got called up, it's been kind of hard," Stratton said. "We only get to see each other a couple of days. But when we do see each other, it means a lot more."

Even though Kaiser has maintained a reputation as a serious performer, as part of the group Imperium, Stratton confirmed that there's another side to him.

"He's a goofball," Stratton said. "He's a little goofball. That's all I'm going to say."

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