Arn Anderson Recalls Getting Two Current WWE Stars Hired

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson is part of a select group of wrestlers who enjoyed a hugely successful second career behind the curtain after their days between the ropes were over. Though his post-wrestling work didn't generate nearly as much press, it's possible that the man once known as "The Enforcer" made a bigger impact on lives outside the ring than he ever did inside of it.


On a recent episode of the "ARN" podcast, Anderson revealed that he played a major part in recruiting two of WWE's biggest stars, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, both of whom are still wrestling for the company today.

"We would go to UK at least once a year, and we would have tryouts from the local promoters," Anderson said. "Those guys had the same tryout day. Drew had not filled out yet, but you could tell that– long limbs, tall, when he filled in, he was gonna have a hell of a look. And Sheamus, the other end of the spectrum, was a 300-pound, fishy-white bruiser. I mean, it was the whitest human being I have ever seen. And, I mean he was just a big, rugged looking– he had to be 300 pounds... But he was a big, physical guy and he picked it up quick, same with Drew. Totally different. But I talked to Johnny [Laurinaitis], I just said, if I was you, I'd take those two right there. And they did, and the rest is history."


Both Sheamus and McIntyre signed developmental deals with the WWE around 2007. McIntyre has taken a few detours, but recently signed a new big money deal to stay with the company. Sheamus's WWE tenure has been more consistent, recently returning from a significant shoulder injury. Meanwhile, WWE released Anderson from his role as a road agent in 2019.