What Bully Ray Would Have Rather Seen Than The 2024 WWE Draft

After participating in both nights of the 2024 WWE Draft, making selections alongside longtime tag team partner D-Von Dudley, Bully Ray (as Bubba Ray Dudley, of course) seems to have gained new perspective on the hyped-up annual event for WWE, which some fans think lacked sizzle with so many stars remaining on their current brand. The "WWE NXT" call-ups that were featured, however, were full of surprise and genuine emotion, which may be the key to a different format moving forward.


On "Busted Open Radio," Bully pondered the value in a different two-night event that would separate the traditional meaning of the word "draft" from what is more along the lines of what WWE called the "Superstar Shakeup" in 2018 and 2019. "I gave it some thought about the word 'draft,'" he said. "When we think of 'draft,' [we think of] people from college coming up, new people, fresh people, young blood, and that really pertains to 'NXT.' But when it comes to the main roster, it's really not a draft. It's more of a shakeup. [Maybe] WWE does a two-day draft event, but maybe call one night the 'Superstar Shakeup' [and the other], the actual draft."

Taking things a step further to increase the surprise factor, Bully imagined an added level of randomness to the event, including a gimmicked bingo wheel where names would be "selected" to be moved to the other brand. "You spin the wheel, out comes the name and that person is on 'Raw,'" he explained. "Spin the wheel, out comes the name. That person is on 'SmackDown.' Make it as unpredictable as you possibly can to the fanbase. And I think that covers it where we're not just drafting the same person to the same brand [or] they're just heading over to a different night."


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