Tommy Dreamer Addresses CM Punk Segment On WWE Raw

CM Punk appeared live during this week's "WWE Raw," helping bring the annual WWE Draft to a close and continuing his ongoing feud with Drew McIntyre. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio" after viewing "Raw," former WWE star Tommy Dreamer shared that he enjoyed Punk's segment but had a few issues with how the performer was utilized.


"When he said, 'I have like five minutes to do it,' I would've put a clock there and cut a five-minute promo on the guy because I'm CM Punk and I carry it," Dreamer said. "If I have five minutes of real estate invested in a promo, ... I'm gonna look at my roster and say, 'I have some really, really good talkers. Well, here you go.'"

The former ECW star said that he understands that Punk is still not cleared for physical contact, but that just means that they should take every advantage of having the performer on the microphone. With Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes appearing on "Raw," Dreamer believes there was a missed opportunity to put the two popular stars together. However, his biggest issue was simply the amount of time allotted to the segment.


"Please, CM Punk, talk to me for five minutes,'" Dreamer continued. "Because if there's anyone that could let me hang on your every word, it's CM Punk. I give that microphone to Paul Heyman, I give that microphone to Cody Rhodes, I give that microphone to CM Punk, I give that microphone to Becky Lynch. These are people that can talk and are storytellers."

One added element of frustration from co-host Dave LaGreca was the fact that WWE Backlash this weekend, but neither Punk nor McIntyre are wrestling on the show. The host pointed out that the TV time devoted to Punk and McIntyre could have instead been used to build something for the PLE.

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