Video: WWE Star Natalya's Emotional Reaction Following NXT Underground Loss

Last night on "NXT," Natalya and Lola Vice made history when the two faced off in the first-ever Women's Underground match to occur on "NXT" soil. Unfortunately for Natalya, things didn't go in her favor, as Vice was able to defeat her thanks to help from Shayna Baszler, who put Natalya's protege, Karmen Petrovic, in a submission hold, distracting Natalya long enough for her to let go of her own submission on Vice, allowing the former Bellator MMA fighter to take advantage.


In a social media exclusive interview following "NXT," both Natalya and Petrovic attempted to put the pieces back together, with Petrovic telling Natalya that she didn't need to break her hold on Vice in order to help, saying she could've withstood Baszler's attack. Holding an ice pack to her neck, an emotional Natalya made sure to let Petrovic know that she didn't blame her for Vice's victory, and admitted she didn't know what she was thinking in releasing the hold.

While Natalya would go on to repeat herself to Petrovic, once again reaffirming that it wasn't her protege's fault, the long-time veteran made clear that the match between her and Vice didn't settle the issue, indicating that her and Petrovic would seek revenge on Baszler and Vice. Still emotional, Natalya then left the room to give herself a few minutes, while a sad Petrovic remained behind.


While Natalya may not be happy with the result of the match, she appears to be pleased with how the match came together. In particular, Natalya paid tribute on X late last tonight to former WWE star, long-time producer, and her mentor, Fit Finlay, thanking him for helping her and Vice lay out the match, along with providing guidance to her throughout her career.