WWE Champ Cody Rhodes On Whether Story With Brother, AEW's Dustin Rhodes, Is Over

One of the more epic matches in the careers of both Cody and Dustin Rhodes was the one they had against each other at AEW Double or Nothing in May 2019. Dave Meltzer gave the emotional, bloody bout a 5-star rating; an early milestone the still up-and-coming organization could hang their hat on. Cody is still fresh into his first Undisputed WWE Championship reign, while brother Dustin, age 55, said he'll wrestle for "two to four more years if his legs allow." But on "Cheap Heat," Cody was asked if there was possibly more meat on the bone with their story, giving how compelling it was to see unfold in AEW some five years ago. 


"It'd be hard to do more. I mean, he lost like half his bodyweight in blood in the one match we did have," Cody joked. Cody said the only logical continuation of their story would be for him to induct Dustin into the WWE Hall of Fame.

"He obviously deserves to be in the Hall of Fame," Cody said. "He meets the criteria to do so ... I would work on that speech endlessly if given the opportunity. Somebody who deserves it from a wrestling perspective, but the thing I am most proud of him about, and forever will be, was so many people in the entertainment industry can't get clean when they have these demons ... they get kinda clean, they yo-yo, they go back and forth. Never was there a better example of somebody who just cut it all off. Cut out all that negativity and found this whole new chapter ... Even though he's my older brother, I'm very proud of him." Dustin, aka Goldust, has Hall of Fame induction support from many of his contemporaries, including WWE legend The Undertaker.


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