Tommy Dreamer Calls This AEW Match Bigger Than Cody Rhodes Vs. Roman Reigns, On Paper

Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40 has already gone down as one of the most celebrated matches in company history, as it not only saw Rhodes finish his story, but also had all the drama preceding it to make it one of the most anticipated matches of all time. However, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer feels AEW might have a match on their hands that could top the WrestleMania main event.


On "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer reflected on the staredown between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada from the May 1 "AEW Dynamite," which teased a potential match between the two old rivals that Dreamer is very excited about. "We are eventually going to get to Kenny Omega versus Okada, and now it has a different, totally contrasting storyline and it has meaning and purpose. I already know I'm going to get two of the best wrestlers I've ever seen and some of the best matches I ever saw, I know I'm going to get it again, but now with a different [story]."

Dreamer then brought up the WrestleMania 40 main event, which he believes is not as big of a match on paper as the potential fifth chapter in Omega and Okada's storied feud. "Cody and Roman. We had the match, we had the build, then we had an added storyline to it, which made it one of the best angles of all time. Match wise, Roman/Cody, Kenny/Okada, match wise, what's the better match on paper? Kenny/Okada, and now we have it with a really good storyline, could be massive business, massive box office." Omega is yet to be medically cleared as he is still suffering from diverticulitis, but he told Okada to give him a few months and he would prove why he is the 'Best Bout Machine.'


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