Backstage Update On Changes To WWE NXT Production Following Kevin Dunn's Exit

Long-time WWE executive Kevin Dunn left WWE at the start of the year, and a WWE executive who worked alongside him has taken over the reins on "WWE NXT." A report has given details about the main person in the "NXT" production team, while also revealing how receptive they have been to talent feedback.


The new era of WWE has seen massive changes behind the scenes following the exit of Vince McMahon and his long-time right-hand man, Dunn. Dunn produced shows for all three brands, but following his exit, Lee Fitting took over his roles on "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," while "NXT" is run by another WWE producer, Brian Fadem, as per a recent report by "Fightful Select."

As per the report, Fadem, WWE's Vice President of Line Producing, is the person in charge of production for the "NXT" brand and is the lead producer of the show. The report claims that Fadem used to step into Dunn's shoes whenever the former WWE executive was absent from shows.

"NXT" talent reportedly appreciates working with Fadem, who is believed to be open to discussing camera shots and production aspects with stars, unlike his predecessor, who was seen as restrictive in his approach. The report has further added that Fadem seamlessly took on his new role following Dunn's exit. However, the report further claimed that WWE is training others for the lead producer position, with the April 30 show being produced by another WWE employee.


Lee Fitting, who was hired by WWE as the head of production at the start of the year, recently received praise from WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque, with the Hall of Famer naming him as one of the people responsible for WWE's recent success.