WWE RAW Live Results 5/6/24: King And Queen Of The Ring Tournaments Begin

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of Monday Night RAW live from the XL Center in Hartford, CT!

With WWE Backlash behind them, the Superstars will set their sights on the King and Queen of the Ring PLE in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The tournaments to crown a new King and Queen begins tonight.


In a rematch from Clash at the Castle, Sheamus will take on Gunther. Ricochet will face Ilja Dragunov, who was just drafted from NXT. 

Drew McIntyre was scheduled to face Finn Balor. Earlier on Monday evening, RAW General Manager, Adam Pearce, announced that McIntyre was not medically cleared to compete. Balor's tournament future will be addressed tonight.

On the women's side, Natalya will take on IYO SKY in a match the former has wanted for a long time. She has also dedicated the match to her late uncle, Owen Hart.

Lyra Valkryia was drafted from NXT last week. She will face former champion, ASUKA in her RAW debut.

Zoey Stark and Ivy Nile will make their tournament debuts against one another.

Finn Balor vs. Jey Uso

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole greet us at ringside and share Pearce's earlier news that McIntyre is not medically cleared and is no longer part of the tournament.

Judgment Day came to the ring. Priest talked about France. He took time to hug Balor and JD McDonagh. Dirty Dom tried to get in on the action and was rebuffed.


Balor thought he was getting a bye in the first round, but Pearce had other plans. "Main Event" Jey Uso is now in the tournament and Balor's new opponent, much to Balor's chagrin.

The match started off hot with both men attempting to take the other down. Balor focused on Uso's arm and Uso attempted a pin. Balor beat up Uso in the corners, but Uso got in some punches. Uso took Balor down with a right hand.

Balor rolled through followed by a dropkick for two. Balor kicked Uso in the chest a few times before applying a chinlock. Uso got to his feet, but Balor hit him in the chest and got him back to the mat. Uso pushed Balor to the ropes to force his way out.

Balor got Uso in the corner and hit him with his shoulder before chopping his chest. He picked Uso up by his hair and dropped him back down. Balor to Uso to the rope and choked him over it before taking him to the other side. Uso did a suicide dive.


While Balor was taking a breather, Uso jumped off the steps, but Balor stood up and drove him into the ring post.

After the break, Uso had Balor in the corner. Balor slipped out and pulled Uso's leg out from under him. Balor hit another basement dropkick and attempted a pin. Balor put Uso in a chinlock once again. Uso got to his feet and hit Balor in the gut. Balor kneed him in the gut. Uso got in a punch. Balor sent Uso over the top. Uso hit a crossbody from the top rope for two.

Balor was in the corner and intercepted Uso just as he was coming across. Uso put Balor on his shoulders, but paid for it with an eye rake. Uso intercepted a sling blade. He followed with an uppercut and a Superkick. He went for the Uso Splash, but Balor rolled out. Balor hit a basement dropkick and went for the Coup de Gras. Uso speared Balor for two.

McIntyre came out to distract Uso. Uso speared Balor to advance. McIntyre got in the ring and stared Uso down.

Winner: Jey Uso

IYO SKY vs. Natalya

Following the commericial break,  McIntyre got in an argument with Pearce and drove off. As soon as he pulled off, CM Punk pulled up. Punk made his way to the ring after breaking out of WWE Headquarters. He called for McIntyre to come back and said he doesn't blame McIntyre for him postponing his WrestleMania match. Punk says he broke McIntyre's elbow.


IYO SKY vs. Natalya

SKY was accompanied by Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai.

Natayla covered SKY almost immediately. Natayla took SKY down and put her in a leg lock. SKY kicked her in the face. Natalya went for the Sharpshooter, but SKY kicked her in the butt. In the corner, SKY took a few punches. Natayla did a baseball slide to the outside. SKY did a moonsault to the outside, but Natalya moved.

Back in the ring, they exchanged holds. SKY ran to the apron and slid the ropes and made Natalya hit her throat. SKY followed with a dropkick from the top rope.

After the break, the women exchanged blows. Natalya hit a Michinoku Driver. SKY went up top and was followed by Natalya. Natayla superplexed SKY from the top rope, in tribute to Owen Hart.


SKY put Natalya in a chinlock. Natalya got to her feet and punched out. SKY rolled through into a double stomp followed by a dropkick. Natalya countered out a hook. They exchanged several more counters. Natalya hit a sitdown Powerbomb for two.

They exchanged submission holds and Kai tried to get involved. Natayla set up for a Sharpshooter, but SKY slammed her head in to the turnbuckle. SKY connected her moonsault this time for the win.

Winner: IYO SKY

Following the match, Kai said that Damage Control was back to put everyone on notice. Kai said they're back to take everything. She also said that ASUKA is injured and she was taking her place in the tournament.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Ricochet

Ricochet is the new SPEED champion.

Dragunov and Ricochet exchanged holds. Ricochet flipped over his opponent's back. Dragunov chopped Ricochet who kipped up and ate another chop. Dragunov followed with a step up enzuiguri. Ricochet hit a flying knee to Dragunov's jaw.


After the break, Ricochet had Dragunov in the corner. In the opposite corner, Ricochet hit a crossbody and a standing shooting star. Dragunov kicked him in the face and hit two German suplexes.

Dragunov locked Ricochet in a submission, but Ricochet pried his fingers apart and elbowed him in the face. Ricochet bounced off the rope to hit Dragunov. Ricochet did a moonsault on the outside, but missed. Dragunov suplexed Ricochet.

Back in the ring, Dragunov went up top, but Ricochet slapped him in the face and made him fall onto the turnbuckle. Ricochet did a hurricanrana from the top rope. Dragunov rolled out and ate a suicide dive twice. Dragunov collapsed on the outside. Ricochet did a corkscrew palancha.


After the break, Dragunov had Ricochet on his shoulders, but he got out of it and put him in a wasitlock. Dragunov put him in the Constantine Special. Dragunov went up top and hit a senton. In the corner, Dragunov chopped Ricochet to the mat. Dragunov hit a Superkick.Ricochet hit another Superkick and put Dragunov on his shoulders. Dragunov got down.

Ricochet bounced back off the rope, Dragunov punched him out of the air. Dragunov hit an H-Bomb and went for a Torpedo Moscow Headbutt, but Ricochet caught him for a recoil.

Dragunov hit Ricochet in the face on the top rope and superplexed him. Dragunov hit an H-Bomb for the win.

After the match, Dragunov stood Ricochet up and shook his hand.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Zoey Skye vs. Ivy Nile

Zoey Stark made her entrance during the commercial break.

Stark immediately put Nile in the corner and started punching her. In the opposite corner, Stark missed Nile. Nile put her up on her shoulders. They exchanged several counters. Nile put Stark in a vertical suplex.


Nile hit a kip up and kicked Stark in the mouth and followed with a step up enzuiguri. Nile knocked Stark off the apron and Stark kicked her in the head and hit a missile dropkick.

Stark put Nile on the top rope, but Nile countered out and hit a bulldog. Stark hit her with a right hand. Nile kicked at Stark. Stark was punching Nile in the face. Stark went up top, but Nile slapped her in the chest. Stark kept blocking a suplex. Stark slipped through and sent Nile into the turnbuckle and turned her inside out. Stark hit a Z360 to advance.

Winner: Zoey Stark

Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed

Reed and Gable exchanged chops before Reed hit a Death Valley Driver. Gable suplexed Reed. He went up top, but Reed rolled out of the way before hitting a senton. Reed went up top and was followed by Gable. Gable suplexed Reed off the top.


Sami Zayn jumped in the ring to take out both men and the match is over. Zayn sent Reed over the top rope, but was suplexed by Gable. Zayn hit an Exploder. He went for a Helluva Kick, but was stopped Reed. Reed slammed him to the mat. 

Lyra Valkyria vs. Dakota Kai

Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan had a face off in the ring with Morgan wanting a match for the title. Damage Control came to the ring and surrounded them. Morgan rolled out of the ring and told Lynch it wasn't her fight. Lyra Valkyria went after Damage Control.


Following the break, Valkyria and Kai started their tournament match. Valkyria put Kai in a headlock and took her to the mat. Kai jumped over her, but Valkyria put her in an armbar.

Valkyria kicked Kai in the head and put her in a vertical suplex. Kai sent her opponent into the corner. Valkyria went up top, but Kai pulled her down. Kai was on the outside and kicked Valkyria in the face.

Valkyria headbutted Kai and hit her in the chest several times. Valkyria kicked her and hit body shots. Kai rolled outside and Valkyria did a running dropkick through the ropes. Valkyria with a crossbody from the top and followed with a suplex. Valkyria put Kai on her shoulders, but Kai punched her way out.

Kai put Valkyria over the ropes and stomped her back. Valkyria rolled up Kai and then hit her with a forearm. They ran to the opposite corner and Kai kicked her in the face. Kai had Valkyria on her shoulders, but Valkyira got out. She hit Kai with the Nightwing to win.


Winner: Lyra Valkyria

Sheamus vs. GUNTHER

GUNTHER was accompanied by Ludwig Kaiser. GUNTHER and Sheamus stared each other down and then circled one another before locking up. Both men were in the corner. GUNTHER backed Sheamus into another corner and chopped him. They exchanged blows. Sheamus hit a sidewalk slam. GUNTHER hit a shoulder tackle and chopped him. GUNTHER held Sheamus over the rope to get in a couple chops from behind. Sheamus caught his wrist and got in a few blows. On the apron, GUNTHER went for a back body drop, but Sheamus was actually able to do it.


After the break, GUNTHER took Sheamus down with a chop to the back of the head and then kicked him in the same spot. GUNTHER kept twisting Sheamus's head before keeping him in a headlock.

Sheamus got to his feet and hit GUNTHER with body shots. Sheamus took a couple chops before putting him in a backbreaker. GUNTHER with a clothesline. GUNTHER was setting up a move when Sheamus hit White Noise. GUNTHER rolled to the outside. Sheamus hung GUNTHER over the top rope. Sheamus followed with a slam for a near fall.

Sheamus chopped GUNTHER over the ropes 17 times. GUNTHER went for a German Suplex, but it was countered. Kaiser grabbed Sheamus's leg over the top rope. GUNTHER chopped him in the back. Kaiser dropkicked Sheamus's leg over the rope. He was thrown out.


After the break, GUNTHER was working Sheamus's knee. Sheamus kicked GUNTHER with his other leg until he got free. GUNTHER took his knee out again and tore his kneepad off so that he could continue attacking it.

GUNTHER set up for a move, but Sheamus dropped to his knee. GUNTHER went for the knee again. Sheamus got back to his feet and GUNTHER went for the back of the knee. Sheams hit a clothesline. Sheamus hit GUNTHER with a knee and collapsed on him for the cover. GUNTHER kicked out at two.

In the corner, Sheamus got to his feet. He ran towards GUNTHER, but his knee gave out. GUNTHER hit a powerbomb.

GUNTHER jumped onto Sheamus's knee before going up top. Shemaus got up and hit him in the head. He hit the Celtic Cross, but couldn't pin him completely. GUNTHER targeted the knee and then followed with a German Suplex release. Shemaus hit another knee on GUNTHER before following with another. Sheamus pinned him for two.

GUNTHER pulled Sheamus down with his leg and put him in a Boston Crab. He dragged him back to the middle of the ring and cinched it in deeper until Sheamus tapped.