Jerry Lawler Discusses WWE Departure, Gives Update On His Health

Jerry Lawler's time as an onscreen talent for WWE is over after it was revealed on Monday that his contract with the promotion expired earlier this year, though Lawler remains signed to the WWE under a legend's deal. Now a day later, Lawyer has opened up about his departure from WWE, acknowledging during an interview with PWInsider that he has likely called his last match for the promotion.


"My career has probably ended with the WWE," Lawler said. "And that's it's just one of those things that goes with me getting over with all the stuff that happened with the stroke. just sitting behind a desk and doing it commentating on a match again was extremely difficult."

While Lawler hadn't been full-time behind the commentator's desk since 2020, he had continued to appear occasionally at the booth before suffering his stroke in February of last year. Lawler, who also infamously had a heart attack that nearly killed him during "Raw" in 2012, addressed the "controversy about my health," stating that while he does have some struggles still, he is overall recovering well from the stroke.


"I've had some health problems going back about seven months now," Lawler said. "I had a stroke [and I]spent some time getting over that...But I feel like now I feel feels like a good time to get back out on the road again a bit. So that's why I'm starting off with this big event in Evansville [this weekend].

"Day to day, physically for me is feeling good. Getting around my house, everything's fine and dandy, but [it's] just the little things that take me longer to do some things than I used to. But as far as look and feel I good as I ever did."